As President-elect I would bring my experience of international leadership and global connections to help CS sustain and expand its presence and visibility on the global stage, while using my existing connections with global bodies (United Nations, UNESCO, IFIP), standards bodies (ITU, IEC and ISO) and various computer societies around the world to improve the professional practices of computing professionals and bring new members to the society.

I have previously been director of an international software engineering research center recognized as one of the best and most prominent in the world (Lero;; in my recently-completed role as President of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP; for two terms (6 years), I have worked with global bodies and governments to support the advancement of research, education, and engineering practice, particularly in developing countries.

I have spent roughly half of my career in academia with permanent academic positions in Ireland, Sweden, and USA and visiting positions in Japan, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, and UK.

I also led the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory for 15 years, contributing technically to many of NASA’s most successful missions (James Webb Space Telescope, Artemis, Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Rovers, etc.) and contributing research that is continuing to be used in current and forthcoming NASA missions.    In that role, I managed a number of projects that engaged with industry, and led the White House’s initiative to develop the first 4-year engineering degree at a Tribal College, with several of the graduates advancing to further studies at top universities.

As in all my roles, I would actively support and contribute to programs that encourage girls, minorities, native communities, and under-represented parts of the world to consider, and pursue, STEM careers.

I’ve worked with government ministers and officials, and international organizations, and participated in projects that bring education and technology to under-served regions and help bring technological employment to those areas.  I would continue that work as President-elect to ensure that the Computer Society is fully globally connected, that our vast body of publications, educational materials, and standards – all of which are seen as the gold standard in both education and industry – are fully exploited, supported, advanced, and recognized, and that IEEE Computer Society expands membership to embrace a new generation of computer scientists and engineers, supporting the work, education, and aspirations of its members no matter where in the world they work and live.