To IEEE Region 8 I would bring an international leadership perspective and global connections that would help sustain and expand the Region’s presence, and also improve the professional practices of engineering professionals. I’ve been the Director of an international software engineering center, I’m just completing my second term as President of the International Federation for Information Processing, have worked with the United Nations and UNESCO, and led the software engineering laboratory in NASA. In this work, I have actively supported programs that encourage girls, minorities, native communities, and under-represented parts of the world to consider STEM careers. I’ve been involved in projects that bring technology and Internet access to people in under-served regions and helped bring technological employment to those areas. I’ve mentored and supported students and young professionals worldwide, including through my own Section’s activities. In serving as Director, I would encourage the Region to be more globally connected, to embrace a new generation of engineers, and to support the work of members, no matter where they may live and work.